Lead Instructor, Joey Gregory, is going on his 10th year as a bodyboarding and surfing instructor. Joey has competed on the professional level on both the APB World Tour as well as the Hawaii Pro Tour. He has ridden waves all around the world including Hawaii, Portugal, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala. “My favorite part of being an instructor is sharing my passion of riding waves with as many people as possible.” He has also graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree from California State University Channel Islands.

California Bodyboarders is a small business based out of Orange County, California. Our mission is to share our passion of bodyboarding and the ocean with as many people as possible in an effort to help the sport of bodyboarding continue to grow. California Bodyboarders was founded by local professional bodyboarder Joey Gregory from Newport Beach, CA in May 2018: “California Bodyboarders started as a small idea I had a few weeks before graduating college. At first it just started off as a group on social media and people seemed to enjoy it. I reached out to some members in the group and we got a logo made, began creating our own line of apparel, then all of the sudden we were coordinating events and contests up and down the coast. To think that now we are running a summer camps and after school classes for kids is a dream come true. We are only going to continue to grow from here.” California Bodyboarders has run a series of grassroots Dropknee contests called the DK Wars Summer Triple Crown. Other events that have run over the last couple years include meet up days all over the California coast as well as holding a free youth bodyboard contest called “Grom Fest” for the next generation of California Bodyboarders. There will be many more events planned in the future so stay tuned and thank you for the support.

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